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Doll Q&A's

What kind of material has been used on the Sex Dolls?
Each Love Sex Doll is created using a special blend of high quality TPE has been used to create the doll. Each Sex Doll is developed with a skeletal structure. The skin on the Sex dolls are soft. The TPE Sex Doll breasts have been modified to enable a more softer, more realistic touch and feel.

Are the Love Sex Dolls exactly as per the photos in your website?
Like any image online, each computer may show slight variances in colour. Each of our Love Sex Dolls are made on order, so there is not 100 dolls hanging around in stock waiting to be sold. Each Sex Doll doll made is special. Not one of our dolls is exactly the same. There may be slight differences in the photos you see on this website vs the dolls in real life, however as none of our photos have been manipulated, you can be confident to know that the doll you receive will as close to the image as possible. Don't make the mistake of comparing our dolls to other dolls manufactured elsewhere. Please ensure prior to purchase you are happy to proceed after photos have been provided. Once production is underway, there is no cancellation and no refunds.

What payment do you accept ?
Paypal CheckOut Express Payment

What currencies are accepted ?
All prices are in AUD (AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS)
Are there any Additional Charges I should be aware of when importing my love Sex Doll?
Additional charges applied on top of the doll price.

Sales Tax GST (free)
Shipping Fee (free)
Delivery (free)

Maintenance? Can I give my Fantasy Sex Doll a bath?
If your doll has minor contamination then simply clean the area over with a wet towel (water recommend). If the area is heavily contaminated, use detergent or body soap. It is also possible to give your doll a bath, however avoid the head and joint portions of the body. Only from the waist down is recommended. Do not place your Sex Dolls head under water.

How durable is the Love Sex Doll TPE?
We used a unique blend of high grade TPE especially developed for our dolls. Thorough Testing has proved that the TPE used on dolls are very durable without deterioration. Expansion/contraction or pressure should be avoided as this can cause damage.

Is the package discreet ? Does the courier know the contents of the package ?
We are very discreet in our packaging. Client Confidentiality is taken very seriously at Love Doll. The courier company is not aware of what is inside the package. The box is marked Fragile to ensure proper care is taken when handling..

Is it easy to dress the dolls ?
If its the first time you are changing your dolls clothing, it may get a little tricky. Its suggested you read the doll manual prior to taking your doll out of the box or changing her clothing. You need to learn how your doll moves to avoid damaging her whilst changing her. Avoid tight non-elastic clothing. Once you get to know your doll, you will feel more confident dressing and undressing her..

What if the doll needs to be repaired?
The TPE of A.I doll is superior in durability, but if it is damaged or torn due to wrong handling or dropping/contact, use the repairing TPE provided. The method is described in detail in the document enclosed in the package. If the repair is not so easy to perform, you can send it for repair to us. Note; You will be charged for repair and shipping.

What is the Delivery Time on my Love Sex Doll
If your parcel is more than 5 working days overdue, please contact us. We are always available to discuss at any time via phone or email.

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